Hog Calling Contest Goes Metal

Happy Thursday! 🙂 Can you believe that we only have ONE MORE day left of April? 😮

This week, let’s talk about talent. 🙂

When you call someone “talented,” what does “talented” mean to you? People often use this word to describe athletes, artists, musicians, etc. However, to me, this word can be used to describe ANYONE who is gifted at doing something.

I believe that we ALL are talented. ❤

I recently watched a video that showed various types of talents, and since it made me laugh, I wanted to share it with you. 🙂

The video is a of Andre Antunes playing heavy metal music alongside clips of people performing at a hog calling contest. Check it out:

I have NO IDEA how the contest participants do their hog calling! I imagine my throat would hurt SO MUCH to make those noises! 😮

I am impressed by the passion the participants demonstrated! I wish there had been pigs in the audience so that we could see how quickly pigs respond to these callers! 😉

This video made me laugh because it was such a creative idea to play heavy metal music in the background while people demonstrated their hog calling talents! 😀

What do you think of this video? Have you ever tried hog calling?

I hope this post made you smile! 🙂

Stay well! ❤

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