Part of Your World

Happy September! ❤

Can you remember your FIRST favorite movie? Mine was the 1989 animated Disney film The Little Mermaid.

I LOVED Ariel and the songs she sang. 🙂 When I look at pictures from when I was a little girl, I see photos of my little self wearing Ariel clothes and being really excited about my adorable Ariel birthday cake. ❤ I loved, loved, LOVED The Little Mermaid! 😀

Recently, I decided to watch the movie (after not seeing it for DECADES! 😮), and I LOVED every moment of it! What an ADORABLE film! ❤

The beginning of the movie was full of scenes that I had forgotten about, but as soon as Ariel started singing “Part of Your World,” I got goosebumps! 🙂


Maybe he’s right
Maybe there is something the matter with me
I just don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad
Look at this stuff
Isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl
The girl who has everything?
Look at this trove
Treasures untold
How many wonders can one cavern hold?
Looking around here you’d think
Sure, she’s got everything
I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty
I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore
You want thingamabobs?
I’ve got twenty!
But who cares?
No big deal
I want more
I wanna be where the people are
I wanna see, wanna see ’em dancin’
Walking around on those, what do you call ’em?
Oh, feet
Flippin’ your fins, you don’t get too far
Legs are required for jumping, dancing
Strolling along down the, what’s that word again?
Up where they walk, up where they run
Up where they stay all day in the sun
Wanderin’ free, wish I could be
Part of that world
What would I give if I could live out of these waters?
What would I pay to spend a day warm on the sand?
Bet’cha on land they understand
Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters
Bright young women, sick of swimmin’
Ready to stand
And ready to know what the people know
Ask ’em my questions and get some answers
What’s a fire and why does it, what’s the word?
When’s it my turn?
Wouldn’t I love, love to explore that shore up above?
Out of the sea
Wish I could be
Part of that world

Beautiful jellyfish from my trip to the Shedd Aquarium

As Ariel sang the song, I had memories rushing back to me, and I remembered how many times I used to sing the song around my house when I was little! 😉

I found myself smiling through basically the whole film! It was like my body remembered how much JOY this movie brought me when I was a little girl! ❤

“Part of Your World” got stuck in my head after I watched The Little Mermaid, and so I’ve been playing it on guitar regularly! 😀

Can you think of any movies that you watched as a child that STILL bring you joy when you watch them as an adult?

It’s so important to pepper your day with moments of joy, and I hope this post inspires you to watch a movie you used to love and see if it makes your day! ❤

Wishing you well! ❤

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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