Don’t You Love Cotton Candy?

When you were growing up, did you enjoy going to fairs?

I remember having so much fun going to the Wisconsin State Fair! Some of my favorite things to do there were eating cream puffs 🤤and riding the SkyGlider.

At small fairs, I remember having a blast on rides and enjoying snow cones and cotton candy. The blue cotton candy was my preferred cotton candy. 😋Yes, I was aware that it tasted the same as the pink cotton candy. 😆

I just LOVED cotton candy! Now, I think it is too sweet. 😉 What do you think of it?

This week’s song is “Don’t You Love Cotton Candy?” from “The Runaway Club,” Season 5, Episode 16 of Bob’s Burgers.

The episode is a hilarious parody of The Breakfast Club, and the kids want to be out at the cotton candy festival rather than stuck in detention. The song is a parody of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds.


Don’t you love cotton candy?
It’s made of cotton and also candy
If your fingers get sticky
Eat off your hand

Don’t you love cotton candy?
Ah, don’t, don’t
Don’t, don’t
Don’t you love cotton candy?
Oh, yeah

Pixabay—Anuja Tilj

The song is funny! 😂 I have never heard of a cotton candy festival, but if I had been able to go to one as a kid, I definitely would have—and definitely would have gotten sick from eating too much cotton candy. 🤣

How do you like the song?

What fairs/festivals did you enjoy when you were growing up? What were you favorite foods to get there?

Wishing you well! 💛

2 thoughts on “Don’t You Love Cotton Candy?

  1. That Bob’s Burgers “Cotton Candy” song is absolutely hysterical. I recall eating cotton candy as a youngster, and having no issue downing a whole “serving.” I tried eating some a few years ago and it tasted so sugary a couple bites was more than enough to satisfy the sweet tooth. Fairs around here growing up usually featured ice cream waffles. A brick of ice cream between what were probably just Eggos-like waffles. But as a kid, they were the ultimate treat!

    • I can absolutely relate to just a few bites of cotton candy being more than enough for me nowadays! 😁 The ice cream waffles sound like they would have been AMAZING! 😋Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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