1 Down 7 to Go

I mentioned in an earlier post that my New Year’s Resolution is to finish my first album this year. More specifically, I hope to finish my album in April by recording 2 songs a month.

Last night I finished recording my song, “R.I.P. Our Love.”

I visited Willie Martinez’s recording studio twice for this song.

On Saturday, I recorded the vocals.

Smiling at the Camera before Recording the Vocals
Although my songs might not always be the most cheerful, I’m actually quite smiley 🙂
Photo by Willie Martinez

I also recorded the acoustic guitar parts.

"Focused Face"-Recording the Acoustic Guitar PartsPhoto by Willie Martinez

“Focused Face”-Recording the Acoustic Guitar Parts
Photo by Willie Martinez

Last night, I added piano parts to the song.

Allison Merten Playing Piano at Willie Martinez's Studio

Playing the Piano at Willie Martinez’s Studio

And I finished my recording session by recording the drum parts.

Playing the Drums at Willie Martinez's StudioSorry about the reflection from the window.

Playing the Drums at Willie Martinez’s Studio
Sorry about the reflection from the window.

Writing and recording 2 songs a month will be a lot of work…but I will try really hard to do this! 🙂

Only 7 songs to go!

On to the next song 🙂

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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