February Album Writing Month

As you may remember, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to share new songs with you. What better way to get motivated to write new songs than by participating in a challenge?

I wanted to participate in February Album Writing Month. February Album Writing Month is a challenge for musicians to write 14 songs during the month of February. I thought it would be really fun to participate in, but it’s mid-February, and I only have half of a new song written and two choruses to new songs. 😛

My ambitions were high, but, as you know, you can plan all you want, but sometimes the flow of life messes with those plans. 😉

Although I fear I will be unable to meet the challenge of writing 14 new songs, I will use February Album Writing Month to keep me motivated to write as many songs as I can. 😀

I admire people who successfully participate in challenges like these!

One person that comes to mind is author Caleb Behnke, Caleb successfully participated in National Novel Writing Month. He wrote an entire  novel in just one month! How awesome is that? You can check out Caleb’s published works here.

Here’s a photo of Caleb and me after we finished shooting my first music video, “Temptation.”

With Production Assistant Caleb Behnke

With Production Assistant Caleb Behnke

Caleb’s success with his novel-writing challenge inspires me to see how successful I can be in this album-writing challenge.

Wish me luck as I try to write as many songs (or bits of songs 😛 ) as possible this month! 😀