Album Photography

As you know, my life long dream has been to share my music with the world. 🙂 I’m finally making that dream come true by making my first album: Temptation.

Sometimes life brings challenges, and I am not as far along in the recording process of my album as I had hoped to be by this point in the year. However, it’s never too late to pick up where you left off and finish a project! So I plan to return to the studio this month to continue recording my songs! 🙂

I have something very important happening this month. It’s something that I have been looking forward to for a really long time: the photo shoot for my album!

Being an independent musician means being your own boss. It’s challenging because I have to make a lot of decisions and do a lot of research. For example, I want to have photography in my album…how do I know what kind of photographer will give me what I am looking for?

I researched photographers in Wisconsin, my home state, and asked my friends for recommendations. I was then presented with the information of multiple talented photographers. It was hard to determine which one would be the best photographer for me.

Sometimes in life it’s just easier when someone makes a decision for you. On Christmas, that’s exactly what happened. I opened a box from my sister. Inside was a small Christmas stocking with a gift certificate inside of it. It said: MaisonMeredith Photography. My sister said, “Here’s a little something toward the photography for your album.”

This was one of the most touching gifts I ever received. My sister knows that music has always been my dream. My sister knew that I was really stressed about finding the perfect photographer for my album, and she found the perfect photographer for me.

My sister heard about Maison Gustke, the photographer for my album, after seeing some impressive photographs of one of her friends. My sister wondered who shot the incredible photos, and that’s when she learned about Maison.

Maison Gustke Courtesy of MaisonMeredith Photography My Photographer! :-)

Maison Gustke
Courtesy of MaisonMeredith Photography
My Photographer! 🙂

I am extremely impressed by Maison Gustke’s talent! MaisonMeredith Photography is known for their engagement photos, but you can use MaisonMeredith Photography for any event.

MaisonMeredithPhotography Courtesy of MaisonMeredith Photography

Courtesy of MaisonMeredith Photography

To see more great photographs by MaisonMeredith Photography, please visit their blog here.

I am extremely grateful that I was able to connect with Maison Gustke because I know that she will give me everything I am looking for in my album photography.

And I am extremely grateful for my sister for helping me get one step closer toward achieving my dream.

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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