Interview with Jimmy Murn

Last month, I got to have my first show! This show was possible because the talented Jimmy Murn let me open for him :-).

The first time I got to see Jimmy Murn perform was when I got to open for him. I was blown away by how much of an awesome performer Jimmy Murn is, and I really wanted  to interview him!

Jimmy Murn Dave Stremikis Photography

Jimmy Murn
Photo By Dave Stremikis Photography

The following is my interview with Jimmy Murn of Jimmy Murn and the HeyMakers.

AM:  How long have you been a musician?

JM: Mmm, time immemorial perhaps, though I’d rather
fancy myself a Kshatriya. The term ‘musician’
always seemed uncomfortable. I think I’ve got
a lot of rhythm and am good at math.
I got my 1st guitar, “Marla”, which is a
Strat-clone, for Christmas in 1994 when I was 15.
That is a likely mark for ‘beginning of Rock ‘n
Roll career’ as per your question. As a kid I
did come up with a few songs including
‘Little Cat’ and “Wild Onion’. I also played
trumpet in junior high, which I wasn’t very good
at but loved. I was a big-time trouble-maker
though and at the beginning of Freshman year I
got a misconduct and was kicked out of band for
the rest of high school. Shortly thereafter I’d
start my own band.

AM: What do you play?

JM: guitar and sing. played bass and keys on the
Heymakers record ‘Hudson River Rookie’.

AM: Who is your biggest inspiration?

JM: O. Dear. Um. Idk if I have one. An obvious
go to would be bands I have loved and still love:
The Thermals and Hutch Harris, early Green Day,
early Weezer, Beatles, Ramones, Sex Pistols,
Liz Phair, Wolfie, Fountains of Wayne.
Biggest inspiration for playing music? My gut
reaction was that I’m not really inspired I feel
like I sing and play guitar because I have to,
because I choose to live, which seems a part of
dharma. And since I’m alive I am heartily
nudged by volition to do something and it is
a relief to get emotions out and fun to come
up with turns of phrases and melodies. Also,
my Mom.

AM: How long has your band been together?

JM: The Heymakers started in 2010 and played our
first show May 7th, 2010 at the Evolution Arts
Collective (202 S. Dickinson off Willy Street)
with Mike Hansen on drums and me singing and
playing guitar. Mike and I have played music
together since 2001 in various bands.

AM: How would you describe your music?

JM: Fun. Fast. Loud. Melodic. Summer. Fall.
Spring. Winter. Angst. Transcendent.
Verse-Pre-Chorus-Chorus. Loud.
Distorted guitar with Jangly guitar. Harmonies.

AM: Where does Jimmy Murn and the HeyMakers most often perform?

JM: We often perform at the High Noon Saloon. We have
also played The Frequency, Mr. Robert’s, and
the Atwood Glass Nickel in Madison, and we
did a 3-week tour to the East Coast last summer.

I really enjoyed learning about Jimmy Murn and his band, and I’m sure you did too 🙂

If you want to listen to the upbeat, fun tunes of Jimmy Murn and the HeyMakers, you can check out their tunes here.

To follow Jimmy Murn and the HeyMakers, check out Jimmy Murn’s website and Jimmy Murn and the HeyMakers’ Facebook Page.

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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