Doing More with YouTube

In 2012, I created my YouTube Channel, AllysMusicRoom, so that I could share my passion for music with others.

Initially, I began posting covers. I eventually mustered up the courage to start posting my original songs. The first original I shared was “Like They All Did.”

Once I started recording songs for my album, TEMPTATION,  I used my channel to share behind the scenes footage of my experiences at the recording studio! 😉

In 2014, I decided to be more active on my channel by posting one cover of a Christmas carol each week of December until Christmas: the December Challenge! 🙂  (You can read my first post about it, here.)

Aside from the December Challenge, I had not really made goals for myself regarding how often I would post on YouTube, but this year, I have decided to change that. My goal for 2017 is to post at least 1 video every month.

So far this year, I shared “Auld Lang Syne” in January,

my original, “Where’s the Peace?” in February,

and my duet with Jose Ricardo Morales, “We Need to Say Goodbye” this month.

So far, I have met my goal of 1 post a month. 😀

I have not only made myself a goal for AllysMusicRoom, but I have also made a goal for my new channel.

For my business, Allison Merten Editing & Tutoring, LLC, I have created a YouTube channel, which just so happens to be called Allison Merten Editing & Tutoring, LLC. 😉 I created my tutoring and editing business so that I could devote my life to helping others achieve their goals. I decided to create a YouTube channel to further help others achieve their goals by providing them with videos that will help them improve their English skills.

I posted my first video last Friday and will post a new video every Friday.

Posting videos at least once a month on AllysMusicRoom and every Friday on Allison Merten Editing & Tutoring, LLC will keep me busy, but I am so happy to be able to share my passion for music and for helping others!

Please check out and subscribe to my channels to stay up-to-date on the latest videos!

Have a great weekend! ❤

2 thoughts on “Doing More with YouTube

  1. Sound like you are going to be real busy. Glad you enjoy doing it. We have a real nice day today it is beautiful outside. have a great weekend. LOVE Grandma and Grandpa

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