Why Do We Idolize?

When I was a child, I LOVED Hanson! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

When you look at these photos of only some of the Hanson posters I had up in my room growing up, I am sure that this does not come as a surprise. 😉

When I look back at the photos of my childhood bedroom, I wonder why I felt it was necessary to have all of these posters. Of course, one was reason was because I thought Hanson was adorable when I was growing up.

I also thought Hanson was extremely talented; to be fair, to this day, I still believe that Hanson is extremely talented. 🙂

But why the posters? I know that I wasn’t the only child to have posters of the band she adored hanging up all over her bedroom walls…even some on the ceiling! 😀

It is interesting to me that fans of the famous, for example, famous musicians, express their adoration of the famous by having photos of them in their home. Normally, when people put photos up in their home, it is of friends or family. However, in the cases where fans are putting up posters of musicians that they have never met (or if they have met them, they do not know them on a personal level), people are putting up posters of strangers.

Why is this normal?

It is very interesting to me that many people put the famous on a pedestal. Why does it matter if someone is a famous actor or musician? That person is still just a human.

Why do some feel it is necessary to “worship” the famous?

I think sometimes it boils down to people forgetting their own value. For example, maybe there is a famous actor who is a great actor, and maybe you do not feel you ever could be as a good of an actor as him. But have you tried? Have you tried to strengthen your skills and prove to yourself that you too can act? Maybe you will not get lucky like him and become a famous actor, but you could still improve your acting skills.

Maybe acting does not work out for you, but does that mean that you should assume that that actor is a more valuable person than you? Nope!

Maybe that actor has a natural talent for acting and has worked hard to get to the level of acting that he has achieved, but what about you? I can guarantee that there is something that YOU can do BETTER than that actor!

We ALL have strengths!

If you want to put photos up in your house of famous people. That’s fine! Feel free to do it! 😉

Just ask yourself if you are doing it because you think they are better than you.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. If we were all the same, that would be extremely boring.

Remember to embrace you strengthens and work towards correcting your weaknesses.

Even if you are not famous, and people do not have your face plastered all over their walls, you have things you can offer the world! ❤

2 thoughts on “Why Do We Idolize?

  1. I think I’ve gotten over the idea of “fame” awhile ago, and rather work toward making something of worth to “me.” Work to build something sustainable, yes, but something that is mine rather than a desire to be known, or to be known to another. It’s a much more calming thought than being on the lips of someone for a time. Now if we could just instill this mindset into others, AND with the aid of media which is currently poisoning the world with the idea of “the celebrity.”

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