The “Creative Sanctuary” in Wisconsin

The other day, I was listening to Wisconsin Public Radio, and I learned about something AWESOME. I learned about a “creative sanctuary” in Appleton, Wisconsin. (You can listen to or read about the story that I am referencing in WPR’s post,  “Appleton Artists Find Creative Sanctuary In Former Monastery.”)

This “creative sanctuary” is known as “The Refuge” and was founded by Cory Chisel and  Adriel Denae. The Refuge is a space for artists. Musicians can come here to write and record music. It is located in an old monastery that was built in 1935. Not only can musicians write and record in this beautiful old building, but they also can enjoy the beauty of nature because The Refuge is located along the Fox River! What can be better about making or recording music in a beautiful, old building and being able to become immersed in nature when you step outside? Musicians can utilize the resources available at The Refuge for FREE! 😮

WPR talked about why Cory Chisel and Adriel Denae decided to leave the life that so many musicians want and open up this “creative sanctuary.” Something Adriel Denae said really struck a chord with me. She said:

“After a decade and a half in the more traditional music industry and environment, it had grown so depleting to me. It’s like you’re searching and lunging and leaping towards these things you’re not even quite sure you want or whether they’re going to be satisfying in any sort of soulful way. You’re just doing them because it’s how it goes and what you’re supposed to do.”

This quote made me think about my life and my goals. When I was a kid, I dreamed about becoming a famous musician. However, the more and more I hear musicians who “made it” talk about what their life has become, their responses echo what Adriel Denae said.

It’s very interesting to me that people work hard to become professional musicians, and if those musicians “make it,” they have to sacrifice so much to have the life that they thought they wanted.

Why then, do so many people dream of “making it”?

I LOVE the idea behind The Refuge. It sounds like a place for artists who want to be true to themselves and their art to find and express themselves. It seems like a place that would really help one understand his/her “purpose” as an artist.

I give Cory Chisel and Adriel Denae credit for leaving the limelight and focusing on making music as well as living a life that is meaningful to them. It is honorable that they have created The Refuge to provide a peaceful and encouraging place for musicians to do what they love best: make music. ❤

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