My Favorite Place in Japan

This week has been crazy busy! 😮 Whenever things become chaotic, there are a bunch of things I do to stay grounded. One strategy is, of course, playing music. ❤  Another strategy is thinking about things that bring me great peace. 🙂

Something that brings me great peace is Nokogiriyama.

In 2015, I visited Japan and saw so many WONDERFUL things!

(If you haven’t seen photos from the other sights I saw in to Japan, you can check out photos from Tokyo Disneyland, here, Ochanomizu Music Instrument Avenue, here, the Sunshine Aquarium, here, Akihabara, here, Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, here, my trip to the Meiji Shrine, here, Tokyo Tower, here, and Tokyo Wan Kannon, here. )

Nokogiriyama was my FAVORITE! ❤

On a beautiful September day, I took a cable car up to Nokogiriyama, located in Chiba prefecture, Japan.

The view on the ride up was utterly gorgeous!

While walking up and down hundreds of steps to get to the Buddha in the mountain, I enjoyed the sights of THOUSANDS of intricately detailed Buddha and monk statues.

Finally, I arrived at Japan’s largest Buddha statue.

I cannot even describe my sense of awe and wonder as I approached the beautiful carving. ❤

Look at the details of this sculpture! Can you believe this was HAND CARVED 1600 years ago? 😮

Nokogiriyama was such an incredibly GORGEOUS and peaceful place! ❤ It always makes me feel calm when I think of it. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the photos from my FAVORITE place in Japan! ❤

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