Wisconsin Historical Museum

Happy Thursday! 🙂

Can you believe that we are already in mid June? 😮 Time goes by so fast!

I’ve been enjoying keeping my goal of uploading at least one song to my YouTube channel, AllysMusicRoom, every month, and before the month’s end, I will definitely have a new song for you! 😀

I have many passions in my life, in addition to music. One of them is culture. I am fascinated by culture both in the US and around the world. ❤

Although I’ve been living in Madison, Wisconsin for over a decade, I only recently visited the extremely interesting Wisconsin Historical Museum. I learned SO MUCH about Wisconsin’s history and culture. I only planned to spend an hour or so there because the museum didn’t seem too large. However, there is SO MUCH to see, that I spent about three hours there, and if I had had more time, I would have stayed even longer.

The museum is located on the Capitol Square, right across from the BEAUTIFUL State Capitol building.

I actually took this photo from a fantastic lookout point on one of the top floors of the museum. 🙂

The admission to the Wisconsin Historical Museum is FREE! However, they do appreciate if visitors give a donation. 😉

When you first walk into the museum, you can see a wide collection of old maps of various places throughout Wisconsin. I thought this old map of Madison, was extremely beautiful!

You can find the following exhibits in the museum:

  • Archaeology
  • Era of Exchange
  • People of the Woodlands
  • Frontier Wisconsin
  • Making a Living
  • The Immigrant Stade
  • Laboratory of Democracy
  • Sense of Community

There were so many fascinating things to see and read about at the museum, but I only took photos of a few things.

Because I went hiking at Aztalan State Park for the first time last year, I was extremely excited to see a replica of what an Aztalan house looked like more than 1,000 years ago!

This picture is just for fun, but I think old dolls are sometimes creepy. That’s the sole reason I took this photo . 😉

There were several old cars in the museum, and I was fascinated by this 1928 White Eagle Coupe Roadster. Would you feel safe sitting in the back? 😮

Wisconsin summers can get very hot and humid, so if you are looking for an interesting place to spend an afternoon in the air conditioning, check out this museum! 😀

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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