When I was growing up, I really enjoyed the music of Hanson, Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Jewel, Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, En Vogue, and Fiona Apple. 🙂

I was very specific about what kind of music I would listen to, and I remember challenging myself to step out of my “comfort zone” before I went to college. I did this by “trying out” the rock station on the radio. 😉

When I got to college, one of the people that I befriended introduced me to a band that I had never heard of before: Rammstein. The first time my friend played a Rammstein song, so I could find out who they were, I didn’t know what to think…The rock station that I listened to before I went to college definitely did not prepare me for that. 😉

He then played me another song that he was sure that I had heard before, “Du Hast.”

Although before that day, I didn’t know who Rammstein was, I was familiar with the song, “Du Hast,” as I remember hearing part of the song once before. In my high school German class, I remember one of my classmates singing that song until my instructor gave him the stink eye to stop. 😉

The more that I started listening to Rammstein, the more that I began to like their music. Although I studied German, I am not fluent, so it did require me to often translate what I was hearing. 😉

I really like Rammstein because of their unique songs and the passion in their songs. I really admire the way that Rammstein critiques social norms through their music.

Unfortunately, because some people don’t understand that Rammstein’s music serves as a critique of social norms, some people accused them of being fascist. In response to this, Rammstein wrote the song, “Links 2 3 4,” to express that despite what people are saying about them, their hearts are “on the left.”

I admire them for releasing that song to correct this misconception of them.

Another reason that I really like Rammstein is that their shows are AWESOME!

Photo by Jonas Rogowski-Wikimedia Commons

Prior to seeing Rammstein live, I did not know that musicians shot fire out of their guitars or microphones. 😉

I recently saw Rammstein in concert in June at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, Illinois. It had been five years since I last saw them, but they were just as amazing as they were five years ago! 🙂

Whenever people find out that I like Rammstein, they usually react in 1 of 2 ways: 1) They are surprised that I would like “that kind of music.” 2) They turn up their noses at me.

The latter is always something that I shake my head to. It is interesting to me that some people define others as inferior or superior based on what kind of music they listen to. 😉

I admire Rammstein because no matter what anyone else thinks, they continue to write the unique songs that they write and perform in a really unique way.

If you have an art form that you want to share with the world, don’t worry about what other people think. Share what makes you feel passionate! ❤

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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