What Makes a Song a Work of Art?

Earlier this week, I was having dinner in a restaurant that had “popular” music on in the background.

It was very interesting to me that all the songs that I heard while eating my dinner contained lyrics that were very repetitive and very simple, vocals that were enhanced by a computer, and instrumental parts that sounded like they were created by a computer instead of an instrument .

It definitely seems that music that is considered “popular” nowadays is quite different than “popular” music that was created a few decades ago. Does this mean that the idea of what makes music an art form has changed?

I think the answer to the question “What Makes a Song a Work of Art?” definitely depends on who you are asking. For me, whether or not I am able to feel connected to or moved by a song is important.

If you asked me for an example of a song that I considered to be a “work of art,” one example I would give you is Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

I love this song because it tells a story. The lyrics, vocals, and instrumental parts are very creative and full of passion. Whenever this song comes on, I just get absorbed in it! ❤

Although a lot of music that is considered “popular” nowadays may have simple and repetitive lyrics, may be sung by voices that are modified by computers, and may contain instrumental pieces that were created by a computer instead of an instrument, does this mean that these songs are not works of art? Someone created these songs. Are they not artists?

What do you think makes a song a work of art?

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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