It’s the end of the month, and it’s time to share with you the song I posted on my YouTube channel, AllysMusicRoom, this month. This month, I wanted to share my cover of the traditional Japanese folk song, “Sakura.”

Here are the lyrics:

さくら さくら
sakura    sakura
やよい の そら は
yayoi      no    sora  wa
みわたす かぎり
miwatasu  kagiri
かすみ か くも か
kasumi  ka    kumo  ka
におい ぞ いずる
nioi        zo    izuru
いざや いざや
izaya      izaya
みに ゆかん
mini     yukan

Here is the translation of the lyrics, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms,
Across the spring sky,
As far as the eye can see.
Is it mist, or clouds?
Fragrant in the air.
Come now, come now,
Let’s go and see them!


The reason I wanted to cover this song is because I learned it in the second grade and have always thought it was a beautiful song. You may be wondering why a second grade girl in Wisconsin learned this song. Well, I will tell you why. 😉

When I was in second grade, we had a teacher from Japan come to our school. He taught us about Japanese culture, and I remember learning origami, especially how to make paper cranes. 🙂 He also taught us traditional Japanese games as well as some Japanese songs.

Before he went back to Japan, the student body had a performance to show parents what he had taught us. The song that my grade was assigned to sing for this performance was “Sakura.”

“Sakura” was the first song in a foreign language that I had ever learned. Little did I know that when I went to college I would formally study the Japanese language. 🙂

I wanted to post my cover of “Sakura” this month because I love the Japanese language and culture.

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Learning other languages and learning about other cultures is so enriching. ❤

If you are unfamiliar with the Japanese language, since I posted the lyrics above, you can sing along and say that you just sang a song in Japanese. 🙂

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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