My Trip to Poland: Warsaw

This is the fifth and final post in the series about my trip to Poland(Check out my post about seeing Rammstein live at Stadion Śląskihere. Check out my post about visiting  Kraków, here. Check out my post about visiting Katowicehere. Check out my post about visiting Oświęcim, here.)

The final city I visited while I was in Poland was Warszawa. The weather in Warsaw was BEAUTIFUL, the people were very kind, and the city was so interesting!

The place I was staying at was in walking distance from the BEAUTIFUL Vistula River. When I visited the river, the sun was sitting so perfectly in the sky that the water just sparkled. ❤

In the background, you can see PGE Narodowy (National Stadium). Interestingly, Rammstein will be performing there next year for their Europe Stadium Tour 2020. 🙂

When I was walking along the Vistula River, I appreciated all of the restaurants that were there, especially the one that sold AMAZING mango ice cream! ❤

When I was in Warsaw, I also enjoyed visiting Muzeum Wojska Polskiego (Polish Army Museum). I was fascinated by the numerous military vehicles they had on display outside the museum. Inside the museum, I was very intrigued by the various exhibits.

I was very excited to see a a Winged Hussar uniform! Also, I LOVE knights, and there was so much knight armor in this museum that I was thoroughly enjoying myself. 😉

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to travel to Poland. Visiting the country where some of my ancestors were from was an experience beyond words. ❤

I truly hope I have the opportunity to visit Poland again. My trip there was absolutely AMAZING, and I want to go back again to see so much more! ❤

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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