Giving the Audience Something

I am SO EXCITED for my upcoming show this SUNDAY! 😮 ❤ 😀

Jimmy Murn, Allison Merten, and Pinhead McFly  at Java Cat
When? Sunday, January 12, 2020

Where? Java Cat  (3918 Monona Dr, Madison, Wisconsin 53716)
What Time? 5 PM – 7 PM CST
Admission? FREE!

I am so excited to play with my friend and music mentor Jimmy Murn, who is visiting from California, and the very talented Pinhead McFly!

I haven’t played with these awesome guys since last year’s show at the High Noon Saloon. (Check out my post about that here.)

Allison Merten, Jimmy Murn, Pinhead Mcfly at the High Noon Saloon

I have my set list ready. It was SO DIFFICULT to make even though it was only TEN SONGS! 😮 😉

It was difficult because when I perform at the Hop Haus Brewing Co. , I have the opportunity to do a two-hour set (no breaks! 😉 ) and usually perform about THIRTY songs! 😉 (Read about my most recent show at the Hop Haus, here.)

With the help of my supporters who gave me some requests, I was able to come up with a 10-song set list that I feel VERY EXCITED about! ❤

I’m going to be performing some of my original songs as well as some covers. I’m really excited because I will also be collaborating with Jimmy Murn and PinHead McFly during the show!

Although I have been performing for years, I still can’t shake the nervousness I feel before an upcoming show. 😦

I was rereading The Mindfulness Revolution: Leading Psychologists, Scientists, Artists, and Meditation Teachers on the Power of Mindfulness in Daily Life edited by Barry Boyce and the editors of the Shambhala Sun and found the chapter “Making Music” by Madeline Bruser to be extremely helpful. (I blogged about this chapter in an earlier post, which you can read, here.)

What I found to be most powerful was when Madeline said, “In order to become confident onstage, we need to make a basic shift in focus: instead of worrying, ‘What do they think of me?’ we can learn to think, ‘I want to give them something.’”

I LOVE music, and I LOVE sharing my music with others! I want to go to this show and hold in my heart this love that I have for sharing my music with others. ❤

I put a lot of thought into the 10 songs I will be doing on Sunday, and I really hope that you will be able to attend the show!

I hope you are ready for some high-energy, passionate, and perhaps sassy songs. 😉

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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