Was Ich Liebe

Do you remember traveling rather far to do something you were very excited about? What was it? How did the travel experience go? Did what you were excited about turn out to be as amazing as you had hoped?

Something that I was very excited about that I traveled far to do was see Rammstein live in Poland in 2019. (Check out my posts about my trip to Poland, here.)

The concert started with one of their new songs (at the time)—a song that has become one of my all-time favorite songs. Every time I hear the song, I remember the concert in Poland and how excited I was to be there. The song is “Was Ich Liebe.”

General English Translation of Lyrics Provided by Google Translate:

I can do without happiness
Because it carries bad luck
Do I have to destroy it?
I want to judge what I love

I shouldn’t be happy
No (No, no)
I don’t love that I love something
I don’t like it when I like something
I’m not happy when I’m happy
I know I’ll regret it

I shouldn’t be happy
Anyone who loves me enters into it

What I love
This will spoil
What I love
That must die too, must die

That’s how I hold myself harmless
I’m not allowed to love
Then I don’t have to suffer (No)
And no heart breaks

I shouldn’t be happy
Nein (Nein, nein)

What I love
This will spoil
What I love
That must die too, must die

To happiness and joy
Torment follows
For everything beautiful
Do you have to pay, yes

What I love
This will spoil
What I love
That must die too, must die

What I love

This is a photo I took when I visited Katowice in Poland. Check out the post about that, here.

What do you think of this song?

The main character of this song clearly feels unworthy of love and afraid to love. That aspect of the song is incredibly sad. Everyone deserves love and deserves happiness. 💚 I hope that anyone who relates to this aspect of this song finds a friend or partner who helps them see that they are worthy of love. 💜

When you consider this aspect of the song, it is a great reminder that it is imperative to be kind to others—as you have no idea what someone else might have gone through or is going through right now.

I told you that this is one of my favorite songs, and you might wonder why a sad song like this is one of my favorites. The reason is these lines:

Was ich liebe
Das wird verderben
Was ich liebe
Das muss auch sterben, muss sterben

The chorus is about how love doesn’t last. Although the main character is singing about how he is afraid to love because he doesn’t feel deserving of it and that he feels afraid of loving and then losing that person, when you think about this chorus separately from the main character’s story, it is a great reminder of impermanence.

All beings on this earth have a temporary existence. When you love, love deeply.

Make those who matter to you a priority in your life because in life, there are no guarantees about how long we all get to be here.

Live each moment authentically and love with your entire being.

Live with no regrets.

May you experience love and happiness today. 💙

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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