I’ll Take You There

I truly hope that this post finds you well. ❤

Ever since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began, life has been difficult, to say the least, for people all around the world.

To try to ease some of the pain, I’ve shared with you a song each week that I hope boosts your spirits. (If you’d like to check out my earlier posts, please see “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” “Handwashing Songs,”“Everything’s Not Awesome,” “Quarantine Song,” “Reflection,” “Captain Planet Theme Song,” “Fix You,”  “5,000 Candles in the Wind,” “Orchestra Medley,”  What the Word Needs Now is Love,” and “Ordinary Man.”)

There has been immense suffering due to COVID-19, but as of late, there has been even greater suffering in the U.S. due to the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor.

Despite the pandemic, people across the United States and around the globe have banded together to protest racial injustice and police brutality.

Can you imagine a world where all human beings are treated as human beings no matter what they look like?

The song I wanted to share this week is “I’ll Take You There” by The Staple Singers.


Oh mmm I know a place
Ain’t nobody cryin’
Ain’t nobody worried
Ain’t no smilin’ faces
Mmm, no no
Lyin’ to the races
Help me, come on, come on
Somebody, help me now (I’ll take you there)
Help me, ya’all (I’ll take you there)
Help me now (I’ll take you there)
Oh! (I’ll take you there)
Oh! Oh! Mercy! (I’ll take you there)
Oh, let me take you there (I’ll take you there)
Oh-oh! Let me take you there! (I’ll take you there)
Play your, play your piano now
All right Ah do it do it
Come on now
Play on it, play on it
Daddy daddy daddy
Ooh, Lord
All right now
Baby, easy now
Now, come on, little lady
All right
Sock it, sock it
Ah, oh, oh!
I know a place, ya’all (I’ll take you there)
Ain’t nobody cryin’ (I’ll take you there)
Ain’t nobody worried (I’ll take you there)
No smilin’ faces (I’ll take you there)
Uh-uh (lyin’ to the races) (I’ll take you there)
Oh, no Oh! (I’ll take you there)
Oh oh oh! (I’ll take you there)
Mercy now! (I’ll take you there)
I’m callin’ callin’ callin’ mercy (I’ll take you there)
Mercy mercy! (I’ll take you there)
Let me (I’ll take you there)
Oh oh! I’ll take you there (I’ll take you there)

Although this song was released in 1972, I remember hearing it on the radio when I was a kid when my mother would listen to her “Saturday at the 70s” radio program. 🙂 I always liked when the song came on because the voices were so powerful, and the song was so upbeat!

Only as an adult did I listen closely to the words. This song makes me feel sad and yet fills me with hope at the same time.

Black lives do matter. No human being should be treated differently because of their skin color. All human beings deserve to be treated with respect. ❤

I wish you good health and safety during this difficult time. ❤

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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