As the pandemic worsens, I truly hope this post finds you well. ❤

I hope last week’s post, “Sherry,” made your day a little better, and I hope this week’s post puts a smile on your face as well. 🙂

(If you’d like to check out my earlier posts about songs that I hope bring you some joy during this  Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, please see “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” “Handwashing Songs,”“Everything’s Not Awesome,” “Quarantine Song,” “Reflection,” “Captain Planet Theme Song,” “Fix You,”  “5,000 Candles in the Wind,” “Orchestra Medley,”  What the Word Needs Now is Love,” “Ordinary Man,”“I’ll Take You There,” “Catchy Songand “I Can See Clearly Now,” and “Sing.”)

Thanks to the DC Universe streaming service, I binge watched a new show that completely brightened my day! 😀

What’s the show? Harley Quinn. 🙂

I would play the trailer for you, but since I want to keep the content on my site friendly for all ages, I’ll just share the song from the show’s trailer instead:


You better think (think)
Think about what you’re tryin’ to do to me
Think (think-think) let your mind go
Let yourself be free
Let’s go back, let’s go back
A let’s go way on to way back when
I didn’t even know you
You couldn’t a been too much more than ten (just a child)
I ain’t no psychiatrist
I ain’t no doctor with degrees
But it don’t take too much I.Q.
To see what you’re doing to me
You better think (think)
Think about what you’re tryin’ to do to me
Yeah, think (think-think)
Let your mind go, let yourself be free
Oh freedom (freedom)
Oh freedom
Oh, freedom (yeah)
Oh freedom
Oh freedom (freedom)
Oh freedom
Oh freedom
Oh ya got to have
Hey! think about it
You! think about it
There ain’t nothin’ you could ask
I could answer you with “I won’t” (I won’t)
But I was gonna change my mind
If you keep doin’ things I don’t (don’t)
You better think (think)
Think about what you’re tryin’ ta do to me
(What you’re tryin’ to do to me)
Oh-oh-oh think (think)
Let your mind go, let yourself be free
People walk around everyday
Playin’ games and takin’ scores
Tryin’ to make other people lose their mind
Well, be careful you don’t lose yours
Ooh think (think)
Think about what you’re tryin’ to do to me
Woo-hoo, think (think)
Let your mind go, let yourself be free
You need me (need me)
And I need you (don’t cha’ know)
Without each other
There ain’t nothin’ either can do
Oooh yeah, think about it, baby
(What ‘cha tryin’ to do to me, think)
Better go baby, think about it right now
Yeah, right now (tell about – forgiveness)
Woo, right now (tell about – forgiveness)
Hey, right now (tell about – forgiveness)
I need to change your mind (think about it)
Baby, baby, baby
(Tell about it – forgiveness)
Woo, tell about it baby (tell about – forgiveness)
Yeah, woo-hoo (tell about – forgiveness)
Tell about it baby, you think about it right now

Image by klimkin from Pixabay

Aretha Franklin’s song “Think” was the perfect song to include in the song’s trailer.

According to CNN’s article “The stories behind 5 of Aretha Franklin’s biggest songs,” the song is a warning  “to the man who stands in her way.” This is basically the theme of Harley Quinn.

Harley tries to make it on her own as a super villain, and she refuses to let anyone’s doubts about her abilities stop her from achieving that goal, no matter how many times she has to pick herself up after failing.

The show includes popular DC characters, but it tweaks some of those characters’ personalities for comic effect.

Every episode made me laugh out loud, and I highly recommend the show if you can relate to the idea of having to fight for your dreams and if you would like to get carried off to a silly fictional city. 😀

My top three favorite characters from this show are 1)Poison Ivy, 2) Clayface, and 3)Bein. 🙂

If you’ve seen the show, who are your favorite characters?

Aretha Franklin’s song and the theme of Harley Quinn are important to reflect on. I’ve shared with you how important I believe it is to take time during this pandemic to figure out your truth and your direction in life. Is there anyone in your life who is holding you back from living your truth? If so, what boundaries do you need to set or changes do you need to make in your life in order for you to feel like you are living the life you were born to live?

Stay well! ❤

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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