Put on Your Mask

I hope that you and those you love have been able to stay healthy despite this worsening pandemic. ❤

The song I wanted to share this week is “Put on Your Mask” by Gloria Estefan.


They say stay home
Please don’t go outside
There’s no use dying
Each time someone
Comes within six feet
We feel like crying

Not long ago
We could touch our friends
And our relations
They made it clear
We are all locked away
To our frustration

There in your house is the answer
Find it I know it will pull you through

Put on your mask
When you go out in public
Put on your mask
Help save the world from covid

I know it’s true
We’re all going through
This nasty virus
We understand
If we wash our hands
We can survive this

We gotta keep looking on to tomorrow
There is so much in life that is meant for you

Put on your mask
When you are buying groceries
Put on your mask
It might help our prognosis
Put on your mask
Don’t stop before it’s over
Put on your mask
This hell is far from over
Put on your mask

Gloria Estefan is absolutely adorable in this video as she performs a parody of her hit song “Get on Your Feet.” 😀 I also thoroughly appreciated her message after her song.

I wanted to share this song this week because unfortunately, some people still don’t believe that they should wear masks during this pandemic.

I’f you’ve been wearing your mask, I would like to sincerely thank you for helping stop the spread of this virus! ❤

I hope Gloria Estefan’s song and silly actions in her music video put a smile on your face today! 🙂

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Stay well! ❤

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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