The Value of Being You

When I was growing up, I was absolutely a unique individual, and I LOVE that I was that way! 😀


Having fun, always smiling, and making people laugh were some of my favorite parts of being a kid!

I had a lot of energy and put that energy toward everything I was passionate about. ❤

My closest friends were the ones who were truly themselves. They did not change who they were based on what was or was not popular or just because society told them to be a certain way.

Surrounding myself with people like that helped me stay true to myself.

When I graduated high school and moved away to university, I moved away from those that helped me stay grounded. I remember feeling that I was being forced into this cookie mold that a large amount of adults fit into, and I didn’t have those true friends that I grew up with to help me fight it.

Although I had my guitar with me early on at university, I rarely did anything with it, as I kept getting the message loud and clear that being a professional musician is a “childhood dream” and once people grow up, it is important to “give up on those dreams.”

Luckily, in the middle of college, I made a new group of friends (including the person I would eventually marry), and those friends were unique individuals who embraced who they were. ❤ I LOVED the way that they all were!

When I shared with them my passion for music, they reacted differently than people had in the beginning of my university life. They supported it! ❤

I am grateful for those friends because they gave me the courage to bring my dream of doing music back to life. I am grateful for those friends because they valued my uniqueness and helped me rediscover myself.

I would like to thank those wonderful friends! Their support of who I am and what I am passionate about helped me have the courage to create AllysMusicRoom, release TEMPTATION, and perform. ❤

We are all unique, but sometimes we feel forced to be people we are not.

Sometimes we may feel like we are losing ourselves, but if we surround ourselves with the right types of people, we can rediscover ourselves.

Embrace who you are! ❤