Allison Merten at the Hop Haus

A week ago, I got to return to Hop Haus Brewing Co., and I am so grateful! ❤

The show was a blast!


It was SIX DEGREES Fahrenheit last Thursday! 😮 I was so surprised by the fact that so many people did not let the cold weather stop them from coming out to the Hop Haus to enjoy some DELICIOUS food and drinks and live music! 🙂

I was very excited that I got to use my new PA system for the first time! 😀

I got to perform 29 songs in two hours! 🙂 I did a mix of my favorite covers and my original songs. ❤

One of the new covers I did was “Call Me” by Blondie (check out the post about that song, here.), and it was SO MUCH FUN to cover! 😀

I’ve got some clips from the show to share. 🙂

Here is a clip of my original song “The Hardest Thing”:

Here is a clip of my original song “Missin’ You”:

Here is a clip of my original song “Grow Up”:

I truly appreciate the enthusiasm of the audience last Thursday! ❤ Here’s a special shout out to the people who were singing along! 🙂 Thank you so much! ❤