“Gray or Blue” by Jaymay

The end of April is drawing near! 😮

As I mentioned in, my post, “Doing More with YouTube,” my goal is to post at least one video on my YouTube Channel every month. I had hoped to have a video ready for you earlier this month, but with the busyness of life, I was not able to record the song I wanted to share with you until this this afternoon! 😉

The song I am sharing with you this month is my cover of Jaymay’s “Gray or Blue.” I learned this song years ago when one of my friends expressed that she really liked the song and had wanted me to learn it. I am so glad that she asked me to learn it because I think it’s a beautiful song! ❤

My cover is a little different from the way Jaymay performs it, but I hope you enjoy it! ❤

Happy end of April! 😀