Stage Fright Song

I ALWAYS have had a passion for singing. (It is evident in home videos of me as a young child. 😉 )

Something I have also always had is stage fright. 😦 (I recently wrote about the stage fright I experienced during my first solo, in this post.)

Fortunately, the more and more I perform, the weaker and weaker my stage fright gets. However, I still get frustrated that I have had it for so long. 😒

I like to read and listen to lectures about stage fright so that I can learn how to eventually overcome it. 🙂

One video that I came across was a TED Talk by folk singer-songwriter Joe Kowan.

In this TED Talk, he talks about the challenges of stage fright, and at the end of the video, he shares a song he wrote about stage fright. Check it out:

I really enjoyed his stage fright song! ❤ It makes me smile, and it gives me comfort to know that other people also struggle with stage fright. 🙂

Do you get stage fright? How do you manage it? If you don’t get stage fright, how did you make that happen? 😉

I’m writing about stage fright this week because I have some EXCITING news! I’ve been working on a new song, and I am going to submit it to the NPR Tiny Desk Contest! ❤

I recently received advice that the best way to fight nerves before performing or recording is to practice WAY MORE than you think you need to, so I’ve been practicing this new song like crazy. 😉

I’m really excited for you to hear my new song! 🥰

Wishing you well! 💚