My First Show at Barriques

Last Thursday was my first time performing at Barriques, and it was SO MUCH fun!

Allison Merten Performing at Barriques-Photo Courtesy of Dawn Ramin

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of BRAVA Night Out at June Good Neighbor Night! While I was performing, I smiled when I saw the street car touring around downtown Middleton that night giving free rides to people who attended the Brava event. 🙂

At Barriques, I got to perform for two hours and had time to perform 30 of the 32 songs I had prepared for the show. 😉

I had hoped to have some video clips to share from the show, but the background noise of coffee drinks being prepared made the audio in the video clips I have a bit difficult to hear. 😉

Thank you to everyone who attended the show! I had so much fun performing for all of you! ❤