Time Warp

Laughter is the best medicine. 😀

This can be difficult to remember as things can sure seem extremely gloomy due to the ongoing and worsening Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 😦

However, each day we can all find at least one thing to be grateful for or at least one thing that makes us smile.

Each week, I have been sharing songs/videos with you in the hopes of brightening your day!  ❤

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Yesterday, I came across a video that made me laugh so hard that I started crying! 😀

I have always appreciated how talented Jack Black is when it comes to making people laugh! ❤

Black’s band Tenacious D did a cover of the hit song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show “Time Warp”—in costume! (or should I say costumes? 😉 )


I LOVE Jack Black’s intense expressions and silly costumes in this video! 😀 He is absolutely hilarious! 🙂

I appreciate that this video was released right before Halloween! ❤

Wishing you all a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 😀

Stay safe! ❤