Allison Merten: Musician…and Editor?

As you know, my dream has always been to make music and share it with the world. That’s why I’m finally making my first album 🙂

When I tell people that I’m making my first CD, some people don’t know what to say, but they look at me like I’m foolish for even trying. No matter what people say, I always know I will have one person who will support me: my boyfriend, Caleb.

Like I have always dreamed of making music, Caleb has always dreamed of being a writer. Since one of my majors at UW-Madison was English Language and Literature, and my daytime job is teaching ESL, I would say that I feel pretty comfortable reading something and editing it. So, I offered to be his editor.

Caleb participated in National Novel Writing Month and wrote a Science Fiction novel entitled The Sinews of War. You can check out the stats about his participation in NaNoWriMo here.

I have never been a huge fan of Science Fiction…not that there’s anything wrong with it. I just never really got into it. With that said, I didn’t know what to expect from Caleb’s novel. But to be honest, I have really enjoyed editing his book! The Sinews of War just sucks you in. It’s action packed, very descriptive, and the language is quite powerful.

Caleb plans on publishing his book through createspace. You can read about how cool createspace is here.

If you’d like to read some of Caleb’s short stories, you should check out the following because they won prizes:

“What Are They Good For”
“Perfection Lost”

You can also check out Caleb’s blog for more stories and updates on his novel, The Sinews of War.

Caleb Behnke & Allison Merten"The Author and the Musician/Editor" ;-)

Caleb Behnke & Allison Merten
“The Author and the Musician/Editor” 🙂