Last Saturday’s Wedding

Last Saturday, I had the honor of performing at a wedding ceremony. Performing for others and sharing my love for music with them makes me feel so alive! To be asked to perform during someone’s wedding ceremony is such an incredible honor! I cannot even explain it! ❤

A person’s wedding is one of the most important days of his/her life. To participate in this celebration, feeling the love in the air, and adding more love by sharing my love for music is so exhilarating! (To contact me about performing at your ceremony, check out my page, here.)

On Saturday, I performed one song for the wedding ceremony, but as one of my friends said, “that’s the most important song that you can’t mess up!” I performed the song that the bride came down the aisle to. Per the bride’s request, I performed “My Love” by Sia.

Originally, I was going to bring my piano to the wedding and perform while I sang. However, due to space constraints at the venue, the bride requested that I sing along to a recording of an instrument version of the song.

The day of the wedding, Madison looked like it was going to have rain. I checked with the bride to see if Milwaukee’s weather was similar, but fortunately, she told me that the weather was perfect and that the ceremony would still be held outside a planned. 😀

I traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Saturday morning to do my sound checks.  When I arrived at the venu, the beautiful Grand Staircase located behind Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro, in Lake Park the weather was perfect!

This was taken right when I arrived at the park, excited to perform! :-)

This was taken right when I arrived at the park, excited to perform! 🙂

However, as it got closer and closer to the start of the ceremony, the sky began to darken and you could hear thunder in the distance grow louder. 😮
As soon as the ceremony was about to begin, it started to rain! However, rain did not prevent the bride and groom from having their dream wedding! 🙂 The ceremony went on as planned. ❤

Grand Staircase Milwaukee Wisconsin

I performed “My Love” in the rain. It was such an HONOR to perform the song that announced the entrance of the BEAUTIFUL bride! Despite the rain, the wedding ceremony was SO BEAUTIFUL!

After the ceremony ended, the bride told me that I performed her song perfectly, and on Saturday, NOTHING could have made me HAPPIER than that! 😀
I am so grateful to have been a part of this extremely special day! ❤

Allison Merten Wedding Lake Park Grand Staircase Milwaukee Wisconsin