Last Week’s Show at the Hop Haus

Happy Halloween everyone! 😀

This month I had so much fun blogging about spooky songs/music videos! ❤

In case you missed the posts, I blogged about the following spooky songs/videos:

I am so grateful because last week I had the opportunity to return to the  Hop Haus Brewing Co. and do another TWO-HOUR show! ❤

The show was a BLAST, and the audience was AMAZING! 🙂

I prepared 32 songs for the show, and I had time to play 29 of them. 😉

I played a mixture of my original songs and my favorite covers.

Some of the original songs I played were from the new album I am working on.

Here is a clip of me performing “Mistreat a Woman…”:

Here is a clip of me performing “Tarantula”:

Last Thursday’s show was EXTREMELY special because I covered a Rammstein song. 😮 In my post “Rammstein-Live in Poland” I shared that I was so excited that Rammstein performed “Ohne Dich” during their European Tour! It’s my favorite song of theirs. ❤

Since my vocal range is definitely much different than Till Lindemann’s, and Rammstein’s music is much different than what I typically play on my acoustic guitar, I hadn’t tried to cover a Rammstein song in the past. 😉 However, after being so moved by Rammstein’s performance of “Ohne Dich” in Poland, I knew that I had to cover that song. It’s such a great song! ❤

Before I performed it last Thursday, I gave the audience a heads up that this would be the only song that I would be performing that wasn’t in English. 😉 I told the audience what the song was about, and during my performance, people seemed to really enjoy the song…even if they didn’t know what I was saying. 😀

I am just so glad I finally covered a Rammstein song! ❤

I did 4 new covers in addition to “Ohne Dich.” One of the other songs I covered was No Doubt’s “Just a Girl,” and it was so much fun! Earlier this year, I blogged about that song. You can read about it here

Thank you SO MUCH for coming out to last Thursday’s show! I had such a GREAT time performing for you all, and I can’t wait to perform again! ❤