My First Trip to South Korea

Through my job, I was able to travel to  South Korea for marketing. I was in South Korea much longer than I was in Japan, but I didn’t get to see as much on my business trip.

I greatly enjoyed the architecture in Seoul!

Breaded pork with cheese & sweet potatoes! This was so delicious!

I got to try a lot of delicious food! I don’t know Korean, so I don’t remember the Korean names of the food I was eating, but all of the food was sure delicious!

Restaurant in Seoul
At this restaurant, the servers cooked tons of AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS pork and beef right at our table!

Spicy Octopus
Can I have some more? 😉

My students made sure that I got see at least one attraction while I was in South Korea, so they took me to Bongeunsa, a Buddhist Temple in Seoul. It was breathtaking.

Entrance to Bongeunsa


Bongeunsa -The outside of the temple was covered in elaborate artwork!

Although my experience at the temple was amazing, I was very excited about the other attraction I got to see. My students and I traveled to the Gagnam dance stage. I begged them to dance “Gagnam Style” with me…and of course they did 🙂

Gagnam Style!
It’s a little dark, but if you look closely, you can see the dance 😉

The last attraction I got to see was the Chonggyecheon, a river that was paved over and then recreated. You can read about it in the New York Times article here.


I enjoyed the delicious food in South Korea and the beautiful sights! I hope to travel there again and see more of the country. 🙂