Thankful This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I enjoy using Thanksgiving as a day to reflect on everything that I have to be grateful for. ❤

When I think about what has happened with my music this year, I realize I have so much to be grateful for! ❤

I had taken a little break from performing, but this year I got to do FOUR shows!

In January, my dream came true, and one of my songs got played on the radio! 😮

(Read about it here.)

Also in January, I got to make another dream come true when I got a chance to perform at the High Noon Saloon! ❤


(Read about it here.)

In May, I got to return to the fantastic Hop Haus Brewing Co. and do an extremely fun two-hour show! 🙂

(Read about it here.)

In June, I got to perform at Barriques for the fun BRAVA Night Out at June Good Neighbor Night!

(Read about it here.)

In October, I had the opportunity to perform at the Hop Haus again! ❤

(Read about it here.)

I am SO GRATEFUL for all of these opportunities that I had to perform this year! ❤ I am still in disbelief that “Temptation” was on the radio! 😮

Thank you to all of you for following my blog! ❤ Thank you to all of you who come to my shows and listen to my music! ❤ My passion is creating music and sharing it with the world, and I am so grateful to share my music with you! ❤