Akihabara: A World of Its Own

Happy Thursday! The posts about my AWESOME trip to Japan continue. 🙂 (Check out my post about Tokyo Disneyland, here. Check out my post about  Ochanomizu Music Instrument Avenue, here. Check out my post about the Sunshine Aquarium, here.)

I wanted to share some photos with you from my trip to Akihabara. Akhibara is an extremely busy video game, anime, and manga ward in Tokyo.

Akihabara_1 Akihabara_2

There is no stopping on the sidewalks. You will get trampled 😉

I was in awe by how many figurine shops there were. You can buy thousands of intricately designed figures from different anime, managa and video games. (Sorry, no photos allowed in the shops!)

Akihabara_3 Akihabara_4

I was also impressed by how many video game and anime/manga shops there were.

Akihabara_5 Akihabara_6

If you like Japanese comics, animation, and games, this is the place to visit!

As I mentioned before, I LOVE Halloween, and I was super excited about these cute Halloween signs:


I was impressed to find this little park amidst the busyness of Akihabara. It was so beautiful!

Akihabara_Park Akihabara_Park_1

Although I did not visit any maid cafes, I saw this photo opportunity and knew I had to take get my photo taken! 😛


So, my FAVORITE part of Akihabara was the Gachapon. What are Gachapon? They are small figurines that come in plastic capsules, and you can “win” them by putting coins into machines. There are so many different kinds of Gachapon! This is just one wall of a large Gachapon shop! Look at how many machines there are!

Check out the Halloween-themed Gachapon I got!

Halloween Gachapon

Akihabara was such an interesting place to visit! And, I am so excited to have gotten such cool souvenirs! 🙂