Be Loved

Wishing you well this Thursday! ❤

I have to say that I am SO GRATEFUL for this “warm” weather we have been having here in Wisconsin! It was in the 50s the other day, and I enjoyed a nice walk through the snow. ❤

I used to hate living in Wisconsin during the winter, but I’ve grown to actually really appreciate the beauty of winter (not the cold though 😉 ).

I regularly write about the importance of trying to become a better person each day and the importance of living life as your TRUE self. ❤

I have recently started reading Let Your Fears Make You Fierce: How to Turn Common Obstacles Into Seeds for Growth by Koya Webb, and I have been THOROUGHLY enjoying the book. 🙂

In one of her chapters, she shares that as a child, she had a passion for singing. Unfortunately, someone said something negatively to her, and that changed her desire to sing. She writes:

I was too afraid that my voice wasn’t good enough and I’d be judged harshly.

However, as an adult, she recognized that she had given up on her love of singing because of something someone said. Amazingly, she decided to release her first single, “Be Loved.”


Koya’s beautiful voice delivers a powerful message, and the video itself is just BEAUTIFUL. ❤ How does this song make you feel?

In her book, Koya writes:

Never silence your voice to comfort others. Be loud; be bold; be you!

When I read this part of her book, I immediately thought about how for years I had given up on my dream to make an album—and even given up on music all together.

When I made my first album, TEMPTATION, it took SOOOO long! 😛 The main reason for this was because I was SO TERRIFIED of what people would think of my work of art. 😦

There are always going to be people that are hurtful because they are jealous that you have the drive to make your dreams a reality. There are always going to be people that are cruel because they are jealous that you are living your life as your true self.

Please don’t let those people hold you back from doing what you love and BEING who you ARE! ❤

In this week’s post, I just wanted you all to know how truly GRATEFUL I am for all of you. It honestly warms my heart when I see that you’ve liked my blog posts, subscribed to my blog, and liked my videos on my YouTube channel.

I LOVE sharing my love for music with YOU, and I am so grateful that you enjoy that I am sharing my passion. ❤ Thank you SO MUCH! ❤

Stay Well! ❤ Be You! ❤