Michael Bublè- Live

I had always wanted to go to a Michael Bublè concert every since I watched one of his shows on TV as a New Year’s special years ago.

I was very excited to travel to the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Sunday, to finally see Michael Bublè perform!

The show opened with Naturally7. They are an a cappella group that creates instrument sounds with their voices. This was my first time seeing a “band” of voices. It was very cool! Naturally7 has been touring with Michael Bublè for years.

When Michael Bublè came on stage, his voice was as phenomenal as I expected it to be! 🙂

However, his stage presence surprised me.

My impression of him as a performer, based on that New Year’s special I saw, was that he had a serious stage presence. Therefore, I was shocked and super excited when he started cracking jokes right and left! 🙂

The show was filled with Michael Bublè’s high energy, “too cool” dancing, and beautiful voice, performances by extremely talented instrumentalists, and tons of laughter from the audience 🙂

michael-buble-bradley center-allisonmerten


During Michael Bublè’s show, I kept switching between dancing and laughing. It was a blast!

At the end of the show Michael Bublè shocked the audience by sharing some horrible news. He told the audience that his grandmother had passed away that day 😦

He shared that he was debating about whether or not to cancel the show. He said that he decided against cancelling the show because he knew his grandmother would have wanted him to perform.

He told the audience that instead of ending the show in the way that he usually does, he was going to sing a song for his grandmother. He sang, “I Wish You Love.”

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the audience during and after Michael Bublè’s beautiful tribute to his grandmother.

If Michael Bublè hadn’t shared with the audience the news of his loss, I would have had no idea that something bad had happened. He brought so much energy, passion, and comic relief to his performance despite the pain he was going through. That is a true professional! I am extremely impressed!

If you haven’t seen Michael Bublè perform live, you need to! Think he sounds fantastic on his CDs and on the radio? Wait until you see him perform!