The Session with Robert

Last June, in my post, “Immersing Myself in the Arts This Weekend,” I shared with you that I had the privilege of being involved in another one of writer and filmmaker, C.L. Manion’s short films, “The Session with Robert.”

I have some GREAT news! The video has now been made public! 🙂

In this film, Jeff Manion played the psychiatrist and Caleb Behnke played Robert. Yasir Alhumaidan did the filming and editing. Here is a behind the scenes photo! 😮

I got to play the bored and sassy, Helen! 😀 In this photo, C.L. Manion is shouting “action!” through her paper megaphone. 😉

It was SO MUCH fun filming “The Session with Robert,” but it was also really TOUGH! Jeff and Caleb were so HILARIOUS that I had to stifle myself from laughing out loud! 😀 I actually got as far away from the set as possible, at one point, in order to laugh. 🙂

I really hope “The Session with Robert” puts a smile on your face. 🙂 Here it is:

I am so grateful to have, once again, participated in one of C.L. Manion’s films! It is important to fill your life with things you love. C.L. Manion is truly a talented writer. She has such an AMAZING passion for her art. It is truly an honor to be a part of making her art come to life! ❤