Making a CD

I’m currently working on my fifth song for my debut album “Temptation.” Since I am getting closer and closer to finishing my album, I need to figure out how to make a physical copy of my CD.

Photo by Arun Kulshreshtha,  Courtesy of Wikipedia

Photo by Arun Kulshreshtha, Courtesy of Wikipedia

I heard that Amazon allows musicians to create CDs through createspace. This looks like an awesome and easy way to make my CD. Through their Cover Creator option, you can include their free images or your own photographs in your customizable CD booklet. You can even put photographs or artwork on your CD! Since I want use photographs from my album photo shoot…will talk more about that later :-)…on my CD and in my booklet, I was happy to learn that Cover Creator will easily allow me to do this.

Not only can you make your CD through Amazon’s createspace, you can also easily SELL your CD through Amazon (in both CD and MP3 formats).

I’m super excited that I learned about Amazon’s createspace, and I really look forward to using it to create a physical copy of my first album!

Not interested in making a CD? If you are a writer, you can use createspace to print and sell your books!

I can’t wait to start working on the physical copy of my CD 🙂