Floppy Scoops

Did you have a great Halloween? I had a BLAST! 😁 Did you wear a costume? (If so, please tell me about it in the comment box below! 🧑)

I was The Plague from the video game Dead by Daylight. Check out my Instagram or Facebook Page for a photo. 😊

Although Halloween is over, it’s still autumn, and I look forward to continuing to enjoy my FAVORITE season of the year! πŸ‚


I’ve mentioned how much I LOVE the show Bob’s Burgers. The show always makes me laugh and is sometimes even heartwarming.πŸ’š

I LOVED a recent episode from the current seasonβ€”“So You Stink You Can Dance” (Season 13, Episode 5).

In this episode, Jimmy Jr. wants tp participates in a dance class held by a renowned dance instructor with the hopes of becoming a backup dancer.

Unfortunately, since Jimmy Jr. is not a “traditional” dancer, he receives negative feedback about his dancing style, and as you can probably imagine, this is upsetting to Jimmy Jr.

Tina Belcher is worried that Jimmy Jr. will quit dancing because of the negative feedback he receives from the instructor.

Tina reminds him that the negative feedback doesn’t matter because he is passionate about the non-traditional way he dances, and that is what matters most. πŸ’™

Here’s a song at the end of the episode about just that, “Floppy Scoops Noodle Arms.” 😊


Floppy scoops noodle arms
I’m in a trance
You front-up dancer

Floppy scoops noodle arms
You are the answer
You front-up dancer
Don’t let anybody out there tell you
What you’re doing is sloppy
I like my arms just like I like my cars
I like my scoops extra floppy

Floppy scoops noodle arms

Isn’t this song just ADORABLE? 😍

This song and the episode are great reminders that WHO you are and WHAT you are passionate about mattersβ€”NOT what others think.

Keeping being YOU!

Wishing you well! πŸ’™