The Waiting Game

Since my last post, I’ve been fighting a bug that’s been going around 😦

Winter Wonderland-State Capitol  Madison, WI

Winter Wonderland-State Capitol Madison, WI

Although winter in Madison, Wisconsin looks so beautiful, trying to stay warm and trying not to get sick can often be a big challenge.

Before, when I would get sick, I would become very frustrated because it would usually put me behind on my CD project. However, being sick hasn’t put me behind on my goals for my CD, because I am just playing the waiting game now! 🙂

Since all the songs on my album had been mixed down by my recording engineer, Willie Martinez, I was able to send the songs out to be mastered.

Landon Arkens, head engineer at Blast House Studios, has been working on mastering my songs.  While he has been doing that, graphic designer Victoria Ortiz has been doing an awesome job working on TEMPTATION’s album art.

Once I receive the mastered versions of my songs and the album art, I get to make an appointment with Sooper Dooper to talk about making physical copies of my album!!!!!! 🙂

I’m getting so antsy!!!! This CD has been a year and a half in the making!!!!