The Christmas of My Dreams

Christmas is almost here! 🎅

Here’s another Christmas carol cover. 🎄

I just finished adding powdered sugar to my pizzelle! 😋 I look forward to eating them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 😀 (I must confess that I did just taste test one. 😉 )

I started making pizzelle for the first time this fall. My aunt would make them for special events when I was growing up, and I always LOVED them! I asked her if she would share her recipe, and now I make them too! 😉 (If you don’t know what pizzelle are, I posted a picture of pizzelle I made on Thanksgiving on my Instagram.)

Aside from having fun making special desserts, I have also been enjoying watching the Christmas episodes of Bob’s Burgers.

This week’s song is Linda Belcher’s “The Christmas of My Dreams” (Season 8, Episode 6). If you just want to listen to the song, it starts at 1:07.


In my dream you were there
Wearing your Christmas best
In my dream the whole town was there
Saying this year’s been a mess
But the eggnog flowed like a river
And it made people reconsider
And come together for something bigger
It’s the Christmas of my Dreams
We’ll need five meat carving stations
(I’ll just make burgers)
Guests from faraway nations
(I bet Teddy will come)
We’ll need an ice skating rink
Everyone will wear skates
Mr. Present greets guests with a smile on his face
(Mr. Present sounds nice)
In the Christmas of my dreams

Zombie Santa Cookies 😂 I made these one year for Christmas.

Linda is so silly! 😁 Bob is my absolute FAVORITE! 💚 What do you think of the song?

I’ve included a picture of some zombie Santa cookies I made one year. 😆 I really enjoy making people smile! ❤ (If you want to check out the Santa miniature I painted to look like a zombie, you can see it on my Instagram. 😜)

Wishing you a happy holiday season! ❤