Tiny Desk Contest 2021

Happy Thursday! 🙂

NPR is accepting entrees for their 2021 Tiny Desk Contest through Monday, June 7th, 2021.🎼

In the past, I entered the Tiny Desk Contest and submitted these songs:

I am EXCITED to share that I decided to enter this year’s contest! 😀

There have been so many entries to the contest so far, and I am SO HAPPY to see how many musicians in the US are sharing their passion for music and their creativity with others! ❤

If you’d like to check out the entries that have been submitted so far, check out the “Watch Entries” page on the Tiny Desk Contest website. 🎧

If you’d like to see the song that I submitted, you can click on “Search Entries” and enter my name in the “FIND A BAND” field. 🙂

Once the contest has ended, I will do a post about my song. 🎵

If you’d like to enter the contest, there is still time, and I encourage you to do so! ❤

I hope that you check out the entries for this year’s contest and find a song that makes your day. 😄

Wishing you well! ❤