Bedtime Is Me Time

When you were growing up, did you have your own room? Do you remember what you loved about your room?

I remember loving having a space that was just mine. I loved the Hanson posters that filled my walls. πŸ’™I loved the dolphin figures I had all over my shelves. πŸ’œ I loved the star decals on my ceiling that would glow in the dark. πŸ’› I remember looking at them before I would fall asleep. ⭐

The song I want to share this week is “Bedtime Is Me Time” from Bob’s Burgers.


I haven’t had a space of my own
Since I was a kid.
Who knew I could decorate

Like I just did?
Down here it could be Christmas
Or summer
Donna Summer
‘Cuz bedtime is me time.
I love mom, but I need a break.
It’s a school night
For frick’s sake.
Bedtime is me time.
Bedtime is me time.
Not one bedside table but two.
A book I’m almost a quarter way through.
And that’s not even the best part.
A bathroom of my own.
I poop like a king.
A candle, lemon water
I heard that’s a thing.
‘Cuz bedtime is me time.
Bedtime is me time.


Self care is SO important, and this song emphasizes that. I LOVE that Bob creates a special space for him to relax before he falls sleep and that his special space is his restaurant’s basement. 🀣 I LOVE the lights he puts up to decorate his new sleeping space and the excitement he feels about TWO bedside tables instead of one. 😁

It doesn’t matter what other people think about the things that make you feel excited or relaxed. Decorate your room in a way that makes you feel happy! 🌞

My favorite part of this song is when Bob sings in falsetto about his bathroom. πŸ˜‚ If you want to make your bathroom like a spa, like Bob did in his own way 😜, you should do it! πŸ’™

Getting adequate sleep is not only important for our health, but it is also important for us to be able to lead authentic lives.

I hope that this week’s song inspires you to appreciate the things you have in your room that allow you to relax before bed, or I hope the song inspires you to think about what you can change in your room to make it a relaxing space for your to fully rest and reenergize for the next day!

Wishing you well! 🧑