You Can’t Put a Deadline on Music

After about a month of writer’s block, last Friday night I finally returned to Willie Martinez‘s studio, in Madison, Wisconsin, to continue recording my latest song, “Worth the Wait.” (My first recording session for “Worth the Wait” was at the end of October!) Last Friday, I had planned to record the drum and electric guitar parts, and finish the song. I had been practicing the drum parts on my acoustic set. I lack coordination, more than a bit, but after practicing the drum parts on my acoustic set a bunch, I felt “coordinated enough” to record 🙂

Willie Martinez has an electric drum set at his studio, and prior to last Friday, I had never played an electric drum set. But a drum set is a drum set right? Well, not for me… So, there I was looking silly, trying to “get in the rhythm” of playing the electric drum set…I couldn’t stop laughing at myself. 😀 But eventually I was okay! Most embarrassing was my ankle issue. 😮 It seemed that the angle of the bass drum pedal for my Yamaha acoustic drum set was noticeably different than the angle of Willie’s electric bass drum pedal, and apparently, my ankle didn’t like this. My ankle got sore when I was recording. I know! How ridiculous!! I had to take a breather and do some ankle stretches. If only you could have seen me 😉

Once the drum parts were recorded, I began recording the electric guitar parts. I had intended to finish all of “Worth the Wait” last Friday night, but it turned out that some of the electric guitar parts clashed with the rest of the song. I was super sad about this, but I had to leave the studio with the song unfinished because it wasn’t possible for me to create a new electric guitar part that night. (I was super pooped from working at my full-time job that day and recording that night. Sadly, I didn’t have the energy to feel inspired.)

After I figured out how to fix “Worth the Wait,” I returned to the studio on Tuesday night. That was my third recording session for “Worth the Wait,” but I finally finished recording the song that night. I’m so happy that it’s finished! 🙂

 Me playing the electric guitar at Willie Martinez's recording studio on Tuesday

Me playing the electric guitar at Willie Martinez’s recording studio on Tuesday

My goal is to finish my album by early 2013. Whenever I get stressed about the songwriting/recording process taking longer than I had planned, my friend Catherine always reminds me that you can’t rush music or any art form. She’s absolutely right. Even though “Worth the Wait” took much longer to write/record than I had hoped, now that it’s finished, I feel that it took the appropriate time that “Worth the Wait” needed.

Today is Thanksgiving, and it is an important day to be grateful. I am thankful for my friends and family who have been standing by my side while I have been working on making my dream come true. I am thankful for Willie Martinez for providing me with the opportunity to record my first album at his studio, as well as for the great advice he has been giving me. I am also thankful for ALL OF YOU!

Whether you have liked my Facebook Page, subscribed to my YouTube Channel, or subscribed to my blog, thank you! I am extremely grateful for your support, and I wouldn’t be able to make my first CD without your support. Thank you all so much!

Happy Thanksgiving!