Putting Indie Music on Pandora

My goal is to make TEMPTATION as accessible as possible in order to share my music with world.

It’s very exciting for me to see my CD on places like iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Google Playūüôā

In addition to having my music available on these sites, I’ve really wanted to put TEMPTATION¬†on Pandora!

I was very excited when I originally found out that indie artists could get their music on Pandora, but at that time¬†I wasn’t able to put my music on Pandora ¬†because I didn’t have¬†TEMPTATION up on one of the “required” sites.

However, now I do, so I can finally submit my music for review. ūüôā

Here are the steps for submitting your music on pandora:

1. Create a Pandora account if you don’t already have one
2. Go to Pandora’s submission page
3. Log in
4. The first page you will see asks for information about you. You will need to provide:

  • your name
  • your phone number
  • the option that best describes you: artist, manager, label, or other

4.  The next page asks for information about your submission. You will need to provide:

  • Artist information
    • Your artist/band name
    • 2 links to your bio/information about you or your band
    • a link for purchasing your CD from one of the following:
  • Information about your submission
    • the name of your release
    • the type of release:¬†Album,¬†EP,¬†Single
    • the year of release
    • your label
    • your UPC
    • the genre
  • the music
    • a link to¬†one track
    • the name of the track
  • description of the music

5. The last page asks you to:

Your submission is now complete!

After that, you are taken to a “Pending Submissions Stage” where you see:

  • Submitted
  • In Review
  • Accepted
  • Live

I’m crossing my fingers Pandora will accept my submission! ūüôā If they do accept my music, I will let you know when it’s live!