Releasing Anger in a Healthy Way

Anger is something that EVERYONE feels. Unfortunately, some people struggle with the best way to express it.

Some people are afraid to express their anger, so they bottle it up. This can lead to health problems or  unexpected angry outbursts once they’ve decided they can no longer suppress their feelings.

Other people may be too comfortable with their anger and resort to verbal or physical violence in order to release their feelings.

It’s important to allow yourself to feel angry so that you can stay healthy and happy. It is also important to find healthy ways to express your anger-ways that do not cause physical, mental, or emotional harm to yourself or others.

This week, I wanted to write about ways I express anger in order to stay balanced and happy. 🙂

I feel grateful for music because singing, playing instruments, and writing songs allows me to release anger in a healthy way.

For example, instead of being overcome by anger and pain when I realized that there are people out there who con you into trusting them and then betray you, I wrote songs like “One Woman Ain’t Enough”


and “Like They All Did.”

I also find that singing along to a song or just listening to a song can dramatically improve my mood.

For example, I LOVE to listen to “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister when I’m frustrated. 😉

It helps me release negative feelings and move forward. 🙂

I also LOVE exercising!

For example, I find that punching or kicking out frustrations with Billy Blanks when I do my Taebo DVDs are EXTREMELY helpful! 😀

I also LOVE to go hiking! Something about being surrounded by the incredible beauty of nature and breathing in fresh air helps me put everything into perspective. ❤

These are things that I find to be effective ways to deal with anger. I know there are other healthy things that people do, like paint, sculpt, write poetry, etc. What do you find to be the most effective ways to deal with anger?

May you feel balanced and be healthy! ❤