Listen, Act, Unite

When, I was a kid, I LOVED watching Sesame Street. 🙂

Big Bird was my favorite! ❤ I remember watching some Sesame Street movie where Big Bird was walking down the street with a suitcase, and I just cried! 😀 I must have been upset that he was permanently leaving Sesame Street! He wasn’t leaving the show. 😉

Can you remember which show you loved watching when you were a kid? Do you remember who your favorite character was?

I recently saw an episode of Sesame Street (after not having seen it for AGES), and I was shocked that Big Bird’s voice was different. 😮 What was I expecting? Why did I think the voice actor would be the same actor as the one they had when I was a kid? 😀

It is so fantastic that Sesame Street is still on TV for kids to watch, and I am SO IMPRESSED by how FANTASTICALLY EDUCATIONAL the show is! (I am a teacher, so I really appreciate that stuff! 😉 )

In fact, I was really impressed to see that Sesame Street teaches kids how to stand up against racism! ❤

Chris Jackson and Andra Day led the Sesame Street community in a song about how kids can come together and stop racism. Check it out:

This video is so ADORABLE! I love that even Oscar the Grouch is holding up a sign against racism! ❤

I was so MOVED by this video because it is so ESSENTIAL to teach children from the very beginning that life is about LOVE and not hate. ❤

Wishing you well! ❤