Bad Mom

Happy Thursday! 🌹


I enjoy sharing songs related to holidays, and since Mother’s Day was this past Sunday, I wanted to share the perfect song for Mother’s Day—with the hopes that you will burst out laughing. 😁

I was recently rewatching the Bob’s Burgers episode “Worms of In-Rear-Ment” (Season 11, Episode 2) and just cracked up while watching Linda Belcher lose her mind as she realizes she’s probably not going to be able to take her family to the local free symphony event—which she had hoped to do to help her kids do better in school—because her family has contracted worms due to her son’s decision to eat a tater tot off the floor of the school bathroom. 🤣

Here’s my favorite song from the episode, “Bad Mom”:


One thing I’ve always wanted
Since I was very small
Was to be the best damn mommy
the bestest of ’em all
I’d be loving
I’d be kind
But also fair and firm
But now their report cards are full of Ds
And their butts are full of worms
Oh, I’m a bad, bad mom
And it was my favorite job
And I’m gonna scratch my bottom right now
What if we all scratched our butts against each other’s butts
No, that’s stupid
Okay, maybe not
If only I had taken them to the symphony when they were still young
They’d be getting all straight A’s
And be so clean between their bums
Oh, I’m a bad, bad mom
And it was my favorite job
And I’m gonna scratch my bottom right now

What do you think of the song?

The song is SO SILLY! 😆

However, beyond the silliness, there is a deeper message.

Mothers are people too, and they make mistakes like everyone else.

Linda Belcher makes mistakes—many 😉, but it is clear that she really loves her family and doesn’t deserve her “bad, bad mom” title.

EVERYONE is imperfect, and sometimes we have too high of expectations for ourselves. Just do your best and be proud of what you accomplish each day—no matter how small that accomplishment may be. 💚

Wishing you well! 💙