Percy McTinsel-Bud’s Tinsel Machine

It is ALMOST Christmas! 🎅🏻

I’ve been enjoying watching my favorite Christmas movies, drinking eggnog, and watching old Christmas-themed episodes of Bob’s Burgers.

One Christmas episode that I recently re-watched was “Gene’s Christmas Break” (Season 12, Episode 10).

To help make Gene feel better after he accidentally breaks his FAVORITE Christmas record, his family surprises him with their own version of a Percy McTinsel-Bud song.


Percy McTinsel-Bud’s Tinsel Machine
He makes us tinsel if you know what I mean
He hangs it everywhere
Everyone lets it all hang out
To make your Christmas shine beyond a doubt yeah
He’s got that tinsel at Christmas time
You know he’s gonna make a shine
To make your Christmas shine beyond a doubt yeah
My tinsel

Doesn’t the Belcher family do a great job singing for Gene? 😂

Do you put tinsel on your tree? When I was really little, I remember tinsel being on my parents’ Christmas tree, and I remember my grandparents using it on their Christmas trees for a very long time when I was growing up.

I remember that it was a little messy to put on the tree and take off. 😁

“Percy McTinsel-Bud’s Tinsel Machine” is such a silly song! The holidays can be so busy, and sometimes, it’s just nice to take a moment to stop what you’re doing and do a dance to a silly song like this one. 😜

Speaking of silly, I found this picture of some Zombie Santa cookies I made one year. 😂

Zombie Santa cookies 🧟

This holiday season, I’ve been busy making non-Zombie cookies. 😜

I hope this week’s post made you smile! 🌞

I’ll leave you with another Christmas carol cover:

Wishing you well! 💙