Halloween 2014

I’ve been busy practicing for next month’s show, but other than that, I don’t have any music updates. So I wanted to write about and share some photos from this year’s Halloween!

On Halloween, I dressed up as Cleopatra for my day job.  Of course, I had to crank up the Nightmare Before Christmas’ “This is Halloween” in my office. On Halloween, I got to participate in a great Halloween costume contest with my coworkers and students 🙂

Allison Merten Cleopatra

The next day, I dressed up as a zombie for the famous Freakfest.

Allison Merten Zombie Bride

Prior to participating in the parade of costumes on State Street, I enjoyed a tasty dinner at Noodles & Company with my fellow zombies 🙂

with author Caleb Behnke

With Science Fiction Author Caleb Behnke

With Soundless' Amber Sebastian

With Soundless’ Amber Sebastian

Dan Fitch (Soundless), Amber Sebastian, Allison Merten, Caleb Behnke

Dan Fitch (Soundless ), Amber Sebastian, Allison Merten, Caleb Behnke

I really like Halloween because everyone in their costumes seems like they’re having a really good time, and the people who aren’t wearing costumes seem to enjoy looking at all the people with costumes. 🙂

I love Halloween because of the creepy music and fantastic decorations. I also love wearing a costume! It’s so much fun to dress up for a day! I equally love seeing all of the different costumes people are wearing!

At Freakfest, my top three favorite costumes were:

1) Jurassic Park

My favorite costume was a guy running around wearing a car that he created out of box while being chased by a guy dressed up as a dinosaur. They were recreating a scene from Jurassic Park! The people acting out the scene were very into it!  It was so funny and very clever 😀

2) Disney Princesses

There were a group of men dressed up as Disney Princesses, which I have never seen done before. They looked fantastic, and definitely made me smile 🙂

3) Wizard of Oz

There were a group of people who were each a character from the Wizard of Oz. Each person had on an elaborate costume that looked so similar to the costumes in the movie! One of them was even the yellow brick road!

This year’s Halloween was so much fun! I hope you enjoyed yours 🙂