My Trip to Tokyo’s Sunshine Aquarium

This week, I am continuing my posts about my trip to Japan. (Check out my post about Tokyo Disneyland, here. Check out my post about  Ochanomizu Music Instrument Avenue, here.)

I LOVE Halloween, as I’ve told you before 😉 , and I LOVE animals! This week, I wanted to share with you some photos from my trip to Tokyo’s Sunshine Aquarium.

I was really looking forward to visiting the Sunshine Aquarium to see all of the cute animals/sea life and watch shows. When I got off the train to head to the Sunshine Aquarium, I was pleasantly surprised to find this sign:

I had NO idea that the Sunshine Aquarium was going to be celebrating Halloween. Cute animals AND Halloween???? I knew this was going to be a FABULOUS day!! 😀

When I arrived at the entrance of the Sunshine Aquarium, I was delighted to see a waterfall with a backdrop of sea creatures wearing witch hats 🙂 There were also cute Halloween creatures hiding in a ceiling covered with balloons! 😮

I LOVED the Halloween decorations throughout the museum, especially this adorable fish tank! ❤

There were so many animals and aquatic creatures at this aquarium that I LOVED every minute! ❤

My favorite part of the aquarium was the Sea Lion Show on the rooftop! 🙂

My face hurt from smiling so much because the sea lions were SO ADORABLE!

The best part of the show was when the sea lions and aquarium staff members DANCED to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”!

My trip to Tokyo’s Sunshine Aquarium was SO MUCH fun! 🙂 I definitely recommend it!